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Plumbers in Rivières-des-Prairies

Yes, we serve your region! Our plumbers have the solution! Plomberie V.I.P. is specialized in all sorts of plumbing repairs. Water leakage, plumbing system modifications, our plumbers are there to help you. We serve the Greater Montreal Region.

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Plomberie V.I.P

Icône réparation

- Repair -

Plomberie V.I.P is a plumbing company specialising in commercial, domestic plumbing and can handle all types of problems.

Icône installation

- Installation -

Plomberie V.I.P is able to replace or install all type of pipes for small and large projects.

Icône appel d'urgence

- Emergency -

Need a plumber now? Call us at 514-877-7777. Serving you is always a pleasure!

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